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It’s estimated that nearly 10% of children in the United States have asthma, and the number of cases is on the rise. Anthonia Emezie, MD, of Covenant Pediatrics, PA, in Matthews, North Carolina, is an experienced pediatrician who specializes in the management of asthma and can help you and your child manage the chronic lung disease. For expert care of your child’s health, call the office today, or book an appointment online.

Asthma Q & A

What is asthma?

Asthma is a chronic health condition that causes your child’s lungs to become inflamed when exposed to specific triggers that affect breathing. Common asthma triggers in children include:

  • Allergens, such as dust, pollen, or pet dander
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Changes in the weather
  • Exercise
  • Respiratory infections, such as the cold or flu

Your child may be more at risk of developing asthma if it runs in your family. Living in an area with high pollution may also increase your child’s risk of asthma.

What are the symptoms of asthma?

Your child may experience a number of symptoms with asthma, some of which you may expect and some that you may not. Common asthma symptoms in children include:

  • Whistling or wheezing sound when your child exhales
  • Constant coughing that worsens with a cold or flu
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest congestion
  • Chest tightness
  • Difficulty sleeping due to coughing or shortness of breath
  • Fatigue
  • Not wanting to play due to issues with breathing when active

If your child has any of these symptoms or even a lingering cough, it may be asthma, so Dr. Emezie should evaluate them.

How is asthma diagnosed?

Because asthma symptoms are similar to common viral respiratory illnesses, it can be difficult to diagnose. Dr. Emezie conducts a comprehensive examination to determine if your child’s breathing issues are due to asthma or another cause.

In addition to a physical exam and review of your child’s symptoms, she may also conduct a spirometry test, which is a noninvasive test that determines your child’s lung strength and function when breathing in and out. Dr. Emezie may also conduct allergy testing to see if your child’s breathing issues are triggered by an allergic reaction.

What treatments can help improve my child’s asthma?

Dr. Emezie develops a personalized treatment to help your child manage their asthma based on the severity of their symptoms, age, and triggers. Medication isn’t always recommended, especially in younger children or in children with mild cases of asthma.

However, if medication is needed, Dr. Emezie may prescribe a rescue inhaler for quick relief during an unexpected asthma attack, along with long-term medication to prevent asthma attacks.

For expert management of your child’s asthma, call Covenant Pediatrics today, or book an appointment online.